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Central Live:

Adriana Braniff has a degree in
Communication Sciences from the
Anáhuac University

Adriana Braniff Universidad Anahuac

She collaborated on Central FM Equilibrio
in charge of the international politics
section of the program. She currently hosts
“Punto Central,” a live show from Monday
to Thursday where she addresses daily
issues in Mexico and the United States.

She began her journalistic career at
Telerey in 1989, a company that later
became MVS Multivisión where she
collaborated on the news program “Para
Usted” alongside Pedro Ferriz de Con, Adriana
Pérez Cañedo, Víctor Calderón and Pablo

She was host of the program “Ciudad
Capital” on Multivisión.
She collaborated in the program “En
Blanco y Negro,” hosted by Carmen
Aristegui and Javier Solórzano.

She participated in the Fair Child Radio
station, in Vancouver, Canada, focused on
topics of interest to the Latino community.

She collaborated in the newspaper “La
Crónica de Hoy” with the column
“Crónicas de Canada.”

As a correspondent for Estrella TV, she
covered the flooding caused by Storm
Harvey in Texas, hosted by Pedro Ferriz
Hijar from Los Angeles, California.